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Jacobsen Takes ELiTE to the Next Level at 2023 GCSAA Show

Jacobsen is furthering its commitment to electrification and leadership in lithium technology, the manufacturer has just unveiled the new five-gang SLF1 ELiTE lithium mower at the 2023 GCSAA Conference and Trade Show in Orlando, Florida.

Jacobsen shared a booth at the Orange County Convention with sister brand Cushman, and ELiTE lithium models made up 100% of the equipment on display. ELiTE lithium vehicles and mowers are powered by Samsung SDI lithium technology, which has been perfected and proven through over sixty million hours of use on golf facilities worldwide. 

The new SLF1 ELiTE lithium mower offers Jake’s signature quality of cut with new operator and owner benefits. Lithium power provides silent cutting with minimal vibration, which reduces operator fatigue and increases productivity and runtime.  

Users get 5.5+ hours of operation per charge with Jake’s leading 500 plus amp-hour ELiTE lithium battery. This run time is industry-leading for an all-electric mower, and covers more of a golf course on a single charge then competitive offerings. Further, the machine offers convenient on-board overnight charging that fits with existing universal electrical infrastructure, making it as simple as plugging it in at the end of the day to ensure it is ready for the next.

Practical convenience is at the forefront of the SLF1 ELiTE with virtually maintenance-free drivetrain components, and the introduction of an advanced onboard and remote-ready monitoring system. With this in place, machine diagnostics can be analyzed to give you the solutions you need to keep cutting.

The control center, located on an adjustable swing out console arm, features lockable speed and Jacobsen’s trusted frequency of clip controls to guarantee a consistent and exceptional finish every time on fairways, large trim, and surround areas or terrain with undulations.

The hydraulic-free design rounds off a proven and powerful machine that is leading the way for lithium mowers in range and cut quality.

Ultimate productivity is provided, as operators can cut where, and when they want. The silent performance of ELiTE lithium mowers means the operator can mow the course at any time, regardless of surroundings The SLF1 ELiTE was tested in wet conditions and challenging slopes to ensure the power goes where you need it. The specialized agile cutting units allow the SLF1 to cut in undulations where other machines can’t.

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