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Versatile Wiedenmann machinery moves to leaf blowing & collecting mode

Up and down the country, Wiedenmann UK’s ‘Twister’ blowers and Super 500/600 sweeper collectors have switched attention from loose grass clippings to falling leaves.

Buchanan Castle GC at Drymen, near Loch Lomond, have added both a Wiedenmann Super 500 and a Wiedenmann Mega Twister to their fleet within the last 18 months. They are now on daily leaf patrol.

“When you have as many leaves as we do, collecting them is the only way,” said Joint Course Manager, Chris Prior.

“This is our first Autumn with both, so we’re saving significantly on time. We’re blowing leaves into sections and then lifting with the Super 500.”

James Macdonald, also Joint Course Manager, said: “Because the Mega Twister has a huge amount of blow and a 230°-degree swivel, even parked on one spot still achieves so much. Crucially, there are far fewer journeys over the turf.”

John Watson, Course Manager at Downfield GC, Dundee, said: “We’ve had our Super 500 a couple of years now. It makes a dramatic impact on our carpet of leaves. It just lifts them cleanly and vacuum packs them into the tank.  If it’s not collecting leaves then it’s cutting and collecting in our deep rough to speed up play. It’s always busy… ”

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