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New Fleet at Airdrie Golf Club

In a first for the club, Airdrie GC has taken on a fleet deal with local machinery supplier, Fairways GM at Renfrew.

Head Greenkeeper, Jordan Cameron, said he felt well supported by the club when they decided this winter to buy three Jacobsen mowers, a Wiedenmann Mega Twister, an ISEKI tractor and a Gambetti sprayer.

Jordan, who joined the North Lanarkshire club in June 2023 from Cawder GC, said:

“Our existing fleet reached end-of-life simultaneously, so timing was right. We presented a sound business case, and the team got a genuine boost when the new machines were agreed.”

Airdrie GC is a traditional woodland course surrounded by a mixture of hardwood trees and mature conifers, all on hilly undulating ground on three distinct sections. The trees make a great backdrop for some spectacular views, where from choice high spots, especially on a clear day, you can see across the River Clyde to the Isle of Arran. Indeed, the 14th hole is called Arran View, and it has a vista not just to the west but across the entire central belt of Scotland.

“We chose carefully and researched thoroughly, helped by the team at Fairways GM,” said Jordan.

“The ISEKI TG6507 becomes our lead tractor. It’s got power and technology for future proofing. It’s sufficiently roomy inside for the operator but externally is compact so can access-all-areas.

“The three Jacobsen mowers (the LF470, the Eclipse 360 ELiTE and the AR331) are absolutely about quality of cut. We have so many contours that need followed closely. With a Jacobsen you are guaranteed a precise mowing standard, we can’t ever compromise on cut.

“The Eclipse ELiTE is the special one because there are no hydraulics, no fuel costs, no spill worries and amazingly it’s even quieter and quicker than expected. Holes 1 and 2 are in a residential area. Early starts in the lighter months are now possible without disrupting our neighbourhood.

“With endless leaves, the Wiedenmann Mega Twister was a no-brainer. It’s almost full-turn swivel means we can park up and blow, saving time and extra journeys over the turf. But it will do much more besides… presentation, drying areas before we cut, just so much.

“Finally, the Gambetti DJ800G6E sprayer with its 800-litre tank…  already, it’s my favourite. Two of us have spray licences and I can’t begin to say how much the 800-litre tank is going to make a difference saving refill journeys. Next year we plan extensive drainage work to our fairways. Until then we are reliant on the success of a fairways feeding programme. The Gambetti must spread high volumes smoothly and evenly. Everything about it, the nozzles, the spray pattern, the electric controls just gives confidence that it will deliver.”

Jordan is assisted by three other greenkeepers, all hoping that the season ahead is a much drier than the winter they’ve just experienced.

“Adding incremental quality wherever we can is what this season is about. Time saved will be re-invested working on definition and presentation, so that the course reaps the benefits.”

Rob Hogarth, Sales & Business Manager at Fairways GM said: “It was great to get the machines to Jordan and his team before Christmas, so he has them when he needs them.”

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