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Cramer Tools 82CS34 revolutionizes the market for battery-driven chainsaws.

Whether you need to trim branches, fell a tree or more – the newest Cramer chainsaw 82CS34 will facilitate demanding jobs. The 82CS34 is unbeatable regarding cost-effectiveness, performance, torque and weight.

Working with wood has never been more ergonomic nor economical

The 82CS34 stands out from the competition regarding cost-effectiveness, torque and cutting performance. It comes with a 3.4 kW brushless motor for maintenance-free, efficient operation. The 15” large blade with a 4 Nm torque, 25 m/s chain speed and an Oregon chain with metal spikes guarantees grip, durability, and excellent smooth cutting of thick branches. With these features the chainsaw is extremely powerful and only weighs 4.55 kg – an excellent power to weight ratio.

The brushless motor also provides low vibration, which means that using the chainsaw is more comfortable and less tiring. The product design of the 82CS34 is designed slim and compact for optimal control and ergonomic handling. It is emission-free and free of harmful fumes while working, due to the 82V battery.

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