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Fairways GM was established in 2004, has built a strong reputation and has grown to become a leading supplier in the ground care industry. Widely regarded across the Scottish market for the supply of ground care machinery, parts, and service; we are a family firm with an overriding commitment to customer service.


We are proud to supply a number of Scotland's leading golf courses, local authorities, sports clubs, schools, utility companies and contractors.


Our company has established strong partnerships with it's suppliers to deliver quality products backed by professional customer support. 

Trusted from the ground up

Versatile Wiedenmann Terra Float Air brings long term boost for Glen GC

"If the conditions are fine and there’s an opportunity to ‘go’ we can be out there fast. We’ve got to time everything right to fit around play. If you are sowing bent at a shallower depth you get very quick recovery at the top, so there’s negligible disturbance to golfers following on even considering all our contours. That was another aspect that led us to the Air, that we can sow bent, do a light sanding and no one can see we have been there." Course Manager, Des Kerr.

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