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Our Environment

Fairways GM recognises that any procedures or initiatives that the company undertakes can impact on our environment.

We want these impacts to be of a positive nature and with that in mind our policy is to make environmental improvements both in the way we work and in the equipment we supply.

We seek to achieve:
• Reduction in the use of packaging
• Minimisation of production of waste
• Reduction in the use of paper
• Control of emission to the atmosphere
• Control of liquid discharge

Ransomes Jacobsen was the first within our industry to be accredited with ISO 4001, the international standard for environmental management. Investment in research allows the company to explore new technologies which offer increased environmental performance.

The company were the first manufacturer to introduce the use of LPG fuel for commercial ride on mowers as well as golf cars and have added a range of electric-powered golf cars and utility vehicles to its fleet. 

Ransomes Jacobsen uses bio-oil as standard in all golf machines and recently introduced ELMO - a certified, free of charge environmental recycling scheme. ELMO (End of Life Mowers) offers customers a safe and cost effective way to recycle all mowers, tractors and golf cars, regardless of manufacturer.

As the exclusive distributor for Ransomes Jacobsen in Scotland, Fairways GM is equally committed to fulfilling its environmental responsibilities across all areas of the business. 

Ground care goes hand in hand with the environment, we are committed to our environmental policy because we are an enterprise that is determined to make a positive impact on our environment.



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