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Niddry Castle GC chooses ground hugging Wessex CRX-320 from Fairways GM

A Wessex CRX-320 golf and sports turf mower is making an instant difference at Niddry Castle Golf Club, Winchburgh, West Lothian.

Delivered by Fairways GM’s Mike Lindsay, and Wessex’s Scotland Sales Manager Steven Brown, the CRX is both nimble and smooth, even with a 3.2 metre working width.

Head Greenkeeper, Jordan Rhind said:

“Our season started far worse than we bargained. I know incessant rain has been an issue for everyone, but when a mower unexpectedly had a terminal breakdown just as grass started growing, we felt particularly challenged. Our existing cylinder mowers couldn’t cope with the increasing length of the fairways, nor obviously, the rough.

“The team at Fairways GM stepped up and offered an instant demo with a Wessex, suggesting it was a good match for one of our tractors which was underemployed.

“In all honesty, I wasn’t a fan of trail-behind. I expected only a fairway mower would do, but the demo changed all that… Steven from Wessex joined us. He lowered the height of cut to just 15 mm for the fairways and 55 mm on the rough. The cutting quality and the ease of how it dealt with our contours was a huge - and delightful - surprise. The price too, was also very pleasing, a good bit below what we had bargained.

“Our front nine holes are built on land which previously had a railway line running through. Even where it is particularly uneven, the Wessex didn’t falter. We agreed a price for the demo machine there and then.

“Mike promised that Fairways GM service engineers would take the CRX back in over the weekend, have it inspected, serviced and ready for installation on the Monday.

“We’ve had the Wessex four weeks now and I’ve only got good things to say about it. It continues to cut very cleanly and efficiently and the roughs and fairways are especially well groomed.

"I remain grateful to Fairways GM for their instant response. They completely understood our tricky situation and didn’t waste a second.”

Jordan accepted his role at the parkland course in June 2023 and is supported by his deputy, Ron Scott, left and Rhys Carson.

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