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Wiedenmann UK dealers now offer 8 task cassettes for STrac 700 system

The Maredo Wiedenmann STrac 700 system continues to tackle even more maintenance tasks.

Launched in 2021 with four cassettes - scarifying, aeration, seeding and fraise mowing – in the last three years it has now doubled its range of turf related processes to eight.

Brought to you via your local Wiedenmann UK dealer, the STrac 700 has easy controls on its guiding handle and a set of inter-changeable heads. A very short turning radius means the rear wheels can adopt  a variety of operating positions, while the tools connect effortlessly, cassette style. Working width is a very respectable 65 cm.

The four added cassette heads are for ‘clean cut sand injection’, ‘high speed coring’, ‘spike seeding’ and ’’flex sod cutting’.

Light, fast and versatile, even on difficult undulations, there is scope to provide uniformity of care and presentation across a whole site. Customers who have purchased the system are using it on all turf surfaces from bowling greens to full size pitches and for challenging areas like the collars of a golf course, or, where a tractor is too heavy.

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