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Maredo STrac 700 system to add new ‘HighSpeed-Corer’ head which both solid tines and cores

The across–all-areas Maredo STrac 700 system is poised to welcome a new HighSpeed-Corer head later this year, taking its number of tool type attachments to six.

Offered for sale in Scotland by Fairways GM, the pedestrian Maredo unit is ideal for turf renovations to bowling greens, on sports pitches, to golf courses and especially on turf surfaces where tractors cannot access.

The STrac 700 features easy controls on its powerful guiding handle and a set of inter-changeable heads which all come with a working width of 65 cm. A very short turning radius means the rear wheels can adopt a variety of operating positions, while the tools connect effortlessly, cassette style.

The five cartridges that make up the system are the Flex- Verticutter which scarifies to 25 mm; a Vibe-Spike aerator which relieves compaction down to 60 mm while following undulations; the FlexFrase Mower which strips the top layer to 20 mm, leaving a perfectly flat and smooth surface to overseed and which also levels off uneven areas; the VibeDisc-Seeder, a slit seeder which can dose seed from 0 to -15 mm at as low as 2 g/m ² to 15 g / m² and finally, the VibeSpike-Seeder, a dimple seeder which creates a pattern of dimples where the seeds will be placed.

Maurice Reincke, Director at Maredo BV said: "All trials of the prototype ST230 show it to be a worthy fleet addition. Core removal is clean and precise, it works impressively to pull out organic matter from the top 75 mm, the resultant holes are quick to heal, leaving play unaffected. Although we’ve named it the HighSpeed-Corer it does more; it also solid tines to a very high standard down to 75 mm. Optional ranges of solid and cross tines are available with tine exchange easy and fast. The machine is just going into production anticipated before autumn 2022."

"We are committed to making the STrac system an entire stand-alone range of turf treatments and solutions. We promised revolutionary and future-proofing, so six changeable heads, as we begin its second year, is exactly where we want to be."

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