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Wessex roller mower for Port Bannatyne GC

The Isle of Bute is having one of its best starts to the summer in years. Recent wall-to-wall sunshine has helped hasten tourists.

Fairways GM’s, Stuart Cameron was himself a welcome visitor to the island in early June, when he installed a Wessex International RMX -180 roller mower at Port Bannatyne Golf Club.

Renowned for its family atmosphere, the club is also famous for its rather unique layout – it has 13 holes, with the first five holes being played again before a separate 18th.

Head Greenkeeper, Duncan Lyon, works alone, with support from Greens Convenor, Graham Dunn, and some regular volunteer helpers.

Graham Dunn said:

“Stuart helped us identify the RMX-180 as a mower that would closely follow the contours of our roughs and semi-roughs. We also wanted to provide cutting cover for our fairways, because in the growing season, the grass can take off at pace and a back-up plan is essential. In effect it is a 3-in-1 machine…”

“Already Duncan’s been out across the roughs and semis with great results. Several holes are predominantly rig and furrow and the contour following there has been first class, everything is cut precisely with no scalping.”

Stuart Cameron said:

“Aside from me getting to visit one of the most scenic locations, I knew the 1.8 m width of the Wessex perfectly covers out Duncan’s tyres on his compact tractor. The full width rollers, front and back leave an impressive finish.  Importantly, the quality cut is consistent in all weathers, and while we don’t want this great weather to end, the Wessex will also perform well for the club in the damp.”

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