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MAREDO® is a Dutch company that develops innovative machines for your turf maintenance.

Using MAREDO® machines will help you to maintain your turf faster (less shut down time) and with less effort (using new technologies). This will increase your quality maintenance level and drop your maintenance costs.

Product Range

MAREDO is a specialist company which sells very innovative products. Available from Madero are greens mower tools and tractor attachments.

The Maredo® greens mower tools (GTools) are becoming very popular worldwide. They are mainly used on golfcourses, as they have to be mounted to triplex greens mowers. They turn your greens mower into a greens corer, greens seeder etc.

The Maredo® tractor attachments (MTools) are a new line. These perform similar jobs to the GTools but are much larger and are mounted behind tractors, as a result of the quality of these specialist products and the outstanding results they help operators to achieve, this line has quickly become popular across the world.

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