Introducing the new LF550/LF570

Building on the legend of the Jacobsen Light Fairway series, the LF550™/570™ offers greater functionality through programmable controls, increased performance and simplified maintenance. The mower is one of the most productive and cost-effective mowers on the market.

• Exclusive electronic hydro control with programmable speed controls to set mow and transport speeds quickly
and easily.

• Settings are passcode-protected, leaving operator input out of the equation.

• Ergonomically design armrest with one-touch joystick control, LCD display, storage bin and 12V power outlet.

• Full-text diagnostics are displayed on armrest LCD screen. No additional tools are required to diagnose.

• Exclusive automatic wet parking brakes apply when the accelerator pedal is in neutral or the engine
is idle or turned off.

• Brakes are maintenance-free. There are no linkages, cables or pads to maintain or adjust.

Technical Specifications


Type Kubota V1505E 4-cycle, 4 cylinder, liquid cooled, low-emissions-certified diesel
Rated Horsepower 3.35 hp @ 300 rpm
Displacement 91.4 cu, in
Air Cleaner Donaldson dry cartridge type with evacuator, valve and service indicator
Cooling System Pressurized, sealed cooling system
Lubrication System Fully Pressurized
Fuel Capacity 17 gal.
Oil Filter Type Full-flow, replacement spin-on type
Electrical System 12 V starter; 40 amp alternator/regulator


Turbocharged Engine Option

Type Kubota V1505TE 4-cycle, 4-cylinder, turbocharged liquid-cooled, low-emissions-certified diesel
Rated Horsepower           44.2 hp @ 3000 rpm


Speed (Maximum)

Mowing 8 mph
Transport 12 mph
Reverse 5 mph


Traction and Drive

Traction Drive Variable displacement, electronically controlled hydrostatic drive 4WD models: SureTrac parallel-cross-series traction system
Reel Drive 3-section gear pump with quick disconnect coupled reel motors, solenoid controlled mow valve
Reel Lift Joystick control, one touch lift/lower control for all five reels
Hydraulic System             14 gal. capacity; GreensCare biodegradable hydraulic fluid; oil monitor with low-oil alarm standard
Hydraulic Cooling Hydraulic oil cooler; large-volume, full-flow 10 micron filter


Tires, Breaks and Steering

Front Tires 26.5 x 14.0-12 tubeless
Rear Tires 18 x 9.50-8 tubeless
Brakes Dynamic, through-traction system
Parking Brake              Automatic wet park brake integrated in front wheel motors
Steering Rear-wheel, hydrostatic power steering


Reels and Blades

Number and Size

LF550: Five 5 in. diameter x 22 in
LF750: Five 7 in. diameter x 22 in

Number of Blades

LF550: 7 heavy section fairway blades
LF750: 9 or 11 heavy section fairway blades

Cutting Frequency

LF550: 7 Blade: 0.074 in./mph
LF570: 11 blade: 0.065 in./mph
LF570: 9 blade: 0.079 in./mph

Overall Cutting Width 100 in.
Height-of-Cut Range
(Depending on turf
condition, reel wear
and bedknife installed)

LF550: 0.375-0.75 in.
Available high-cut kit raises cutting height to 1.187 in.
LF570: 0.375-1.125 in.
Available high-cut kit raises cutting height to 1.563 in.

Weight and Dimensions

Weight with
Reels Up

LF550 2WD: 2837lbs.
LF550 4WD: 2961 lbs.
LF550 4WD Turbo: 2974 lbs.
LF570 2WD: 3135 lbs.
LF570 4WD: 3247 lbs.
LF570 4WD Turbo: 3285 lbs.
All weights are with full fluids


Weight with
Reels Down

LF550 2WD: 2242 lbs.
LF550 4WD: 2366 lbs.
LF550 4WD Turbo: 2379 lbs.
LF570 2WD: 2271 lbs.
LF570 4WD: 2383 lbs.
LF570 4WD Turbo: 2421 lbs.
All weights are with full fluid


Length (less catchers) 108 in.
Overall Height
including ROPS
88 in.

115 in.
Transport: 87 in.

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